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    When you think of Maharashtrian food? Explosion of flavors? Hot vada pav plate or pav bhaji? We adore a variety of unfinished food that can be served in local kitchens of this mega state. From misal pav to amamti to belpuri, each is precious. 
     Maharashtrian cuisine is a fun game of desi masalas, using some of the most basic cuisine and all about local cooking styles. It is interesting to note that the various regions within the state cater to their specialized types of common dish.
     Vadas is considered as special in Mumbai as it is known to come from. If you happen to travel all over the world, you will find a dramatic change in the flavors and prominence of local ingredients. The use of freshly ground masalas such as malvani masala, goda masala and kala masala, is a prominent Maharashtrian.
    If you ever feel like eating something spicy and delicious, something that makes your heart skip a beat - Maharashtrian Traditional Food Dishes are worth your craving. From the Vada Pav to the Puran Poli, there is so much to enjoy. So , here is a list of Maharashtrian dishes that you should try.

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