Parle G biscuit cake recipe without vanilla essence | Article | Maharastrian Food |

Parle-G reminds me so much of my childhood, I hope when you repeat the Parle-G cake, the recipe takes you back in time. I hope it helps you to enjoy your childhood memories. Make this a family bakery event and devour this beautiful creation! We know that we all need good work, to unite ourselves and our families. Also, baking this soft and easy Parle-G cake is even better!

preCook the cooker for 10 minutes without the smoke in the middle flame. Almost break the biscuits and add them to the milk and powered sugar until there are no lumps left and it is a beautiful compound made homogenized. Transfer the biscuit mixture to a glass bowl, add the baking powder and mix well Drizzle a 4-inch baking pan with oil or butter. Transfer the batter to a pan and carefully place the pan in the cooker over the pan. Cover the cook and cook the cake for 45-50 minutes until sautéed When you are done cooking, carefully remove the cake and let it cool completely beforehand

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